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Orphaned at a young age, Colton Marston grew up with only one goal in mind: vengeance for the murder of his brother and father. Under the teaching of a mountain man in the western territories, Colton learned the skills he would need to survive and make a life for himself in an untamed land. But times were changing, with tensions rising in the U.S. Government’s push to bring law and order to the Wild West. Without a cool head and a steady hand, Colton’s quest for vengeance just might be undone by the peril mounting in…Apache Pass!


Two years after the events of Apache Pass, Colton Marston is becoming a legend in the western frontier. Whispers of the name “Sagebrush Kid” spread from the southern border to Colorado. Colton wants to settle down and live the quiet life, but his reputation may not let him.P