Nowadays is a peculiar time to be alive and that is no doubt. With most everything closed down and life essentially put on hold, you find you have more time for things you’ve been putting off. For me, that’s reading. I have dozens of books I’ve been trying to read and Jack Carr’s breakout novel Terminal List was at the top of the…list.

I first heard about Jack Carr from a podcast episode he did shortly after The Terminal List published. He sounded like a genuine guy with the background to bring credibility to what he writes. Like my review of Reaper: Ghost Target, it was a joy to sit down and read a story from someone who holds that kind of genuine experience.

The Terminal List was first published in 2018 and features the hero that any guy can get behind in James Reece. Using his own 20-years experience as a Navy SEAL, Jack Carr brings a SEAL from an operation gone bad, and then is investigated as the person at fault. Once James Reece comes home, Reece’s best friend and teammate supposedly commits suicide, and his wife and daughter are gunned down.

The story read for me like a punch in the gut, imagining what I would do in that situation. As James Reece puts the pieces together, he discovers a conspiracy like he could never imagine that involves people close to him. It’s a rich story of details researched thoroughly, sometimes giving a step-by-step that any long-time fan of military and spy thrillers would enjoy reading.

What I enjoyed most was the ability Carr had to write in such a way that I found myself believing I had stepped into a film. If you’ve ever seen Man on Fire starring Denzel Washington, there’s a scene where Denzel’s character is getting ready for his own war and is getting his weapons with some good music in the background. There’s a scene like that in the book and it gave me the same pumped up feeling I had watching that scene.

Since 2018, Carr has released two more novels featuring James Reece (True Believer, and Savage Son), while I have not been able to read those, I have certainly put them on my reading list.

Don’t forget to check out the first book in the new series by Ethan H. Gaines, Tears of the Saint!

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