I feel the walls trembling, shaking, threatening ’round me.

The wind howls and roars as I rest on bended knee.

All around in this world of woe I hear doom and gloom.

In my heart and mind I wrestle with my doubts and faith.

Faith in myself and my God. Let the words not depart from

My lips! My mind quotes the Raven: “Nevermore” and my heart

Wonders, What is nevermore? What end must there be, for more

To be never? My faith lingers on as if tasked by a master. Nevermore!

Shall my faithlessness drive me as wind drives this storm around me!

Lightning shines doubt, Rain nags with misery, Mud…Oh that the mud

Would swallow me whole with its contentment! Nevermore! Ah faithlessness!

Your words to me are as the Harlots on the corner! Luscious, seductive, dripping

With honey so sweet! But your bed of squandering drives me away, no matter

How melodious. The door opens and there stands a man. Sent by the storm?

I do not know. So I wrestle with the man, hoping I can overcome Him and stop

The storm. I wrestle and wrestle until neither can move. And He whispers.

Ever so gently.

“Your faith overcomes the storm. Rise and be victorious.”

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