This post was submitted by Johnny Stephens to better inform us about this awesome opportunity.

At To Move Mountains our goal is to bring strong education to the Nuba region of Sudan. After 30 years of dictatorship rule, the death of over 3 million citizens, and unstable living conditions, the Nuba people came to the conclusion that what their future was in need of most was education.

Now with 26 of the best and brightest high school age students from Sudan studying at premier schools in Uganda, the wheels of change are turning.

Upon finishing six years of education, the US equivalent of four years of high school and two of college, the students will return to Nuba where they will become future educations. Met with a new curriculum in partnership with Vanderbilt University, and new schools built from our generous donors, the people of Nuba will have the tools to grow.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

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