Last Best Press is an independent publishing company based in Kalispell, Montana. We believe in creating great content in the form of literature and we have a podcast, Last Best Podcast, where we speak with different artists and discuss different aspects of writing and publishing. Our specialization in literature is historical fiction, but welcome thrillers, horror, and short stories for our Fiction section.

Writing is one of the hardest things for people to do and often people don’t do it for that reason. Don’t let that happen to you! Aside from publishing we also offer writing coaching (or consultations) at prices based on project. We help you guide through the process of writing with whatever your needs are on the project. Our primary goal in the coaching is to get you to a place of confidence to be able to write your project and present it if need be.

Our submissions are limited due to time constraints and staff, but don’t be afraid to submit a query. Email and in the subject line put QUERY [BOOK TITLE]. Include a brief bio, book synopsis, and first two chapters in the body of the email.

We are not a vanity publisher so will not charge you anything to publish your book. This is a business started by a writer who knows the financial strains of a writer.